Ricardo Ricco is originally an Italian shirt brand and it was registered in Turkey as our trademark in 1971. Since it’s foundation, production has been going on in Istanbul, known as World’s trade center due to great commercial experience coming from the past, we accepted fast service with high quality production as a company principle. Our merchandises are exported to the countries like Italy, Russia, USA, Ukrain, Spain, UK, Baltic and African counties.

Our manufacturing line consists of new brand machinery and technology. Thanks to their personal skills, each of our staff is known as a craftsman. In order to design the most fashionable&suitable mens shirt and women blouse, our R & D department regularly visits the fashion fairs all over the World on the other hand, our company always cares for the social facts such as the people’s health and environment Ricardo Ricco will keep on his customer-based facilities in order to make your mens shirts and women’s blouses better and better.

Our Mission

By focusing more stronger on our standardization and high quality production, our mission will be to increase the number of our clients all over the World.

Our Vision

Trusting on our past experience, fast service and high quality production, our mission is to be one of the leading shirt manufacturers in the World.